Passion Workshop: Enhancing relationships through Positive Psychology

City Library, Level 3, Adelaide, Australia Workshop 1 Learn how to build a nourishing connection and distinguish between a healthy and harmful passion in relationships by recognizing the red flags of obsession in this workshop led by Suzann Pileggi Pawelski.

92 Y Series: The Art of Positive Conversation

Faturing Larry King, James, and actor Kevin Bacon (hailing from Philly). They will be talking about the need for positive media, arts, and culture to bring us together during difficult times. They will highlight Kevin’s incredible charity that helps connect people with important causes. The event will take place on June 11th via a […]

92Y: Relationships in the Pandemic

In a kind of ultimate “relationship experts double date,” married positive psychology duo James Pawelski and Suzie Pileggi Pawelski and married couples therapists and psychologists John and Julie Gottman share their expertise and guidance on navigating your closest relationship during the coronavirus crisis. The couples’ collective research-based approach to relationships—captured in their bestselling books Happy Together and The […]

The Happiness Summit

Building Resilience Samantha Boardman, Dilip Jeste, Katy Milkman, James Pawelski It is impossible to live a life untouched by stress, adversity or disappointment. The ability to move through these and rebound is one of the most critical skills in living a happy life, and inspiring examples abound, from hospital rooms to the world stage. Our […]

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